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The far northwestern region of Xinjiang is an “inseparable” part of China despite efforts by extremists to distort history and facts in a bid to split the country, the Chinese government said in a document published late on Sunday.

The government said in a white paper published by the State Council Information Office it was wrong to suggest members of Xinjiang’s minority Uighur Muslim community were descended from Turks, noting they had become the political tool of pan-Turkic and pan-Islamic groups.

They’re not exactly Han now, are they?


To answer a Guardian headline question:

His brother was killed at Sandy Hook – now, 19-year-old JT Lewis is running to be a Republican senator. Can he win?

He’s too young. The US constitution insists that you not only be out of both diapers and braces but even have been able to drink legally for a few years before joining the Senate. Not that Ted Kennedy’s training for this worked all that well but…..

A teenager whose brother was killed in a mass school shooting may not seem the natural candidate to be running as a Republican senator. But this “unique position,” says 19-year-old JT Lewis, is exactly what makes him the man for office. His bid to represent the 28th district of Connecticut which covers Newtown,

Ahhh, state senator? That’s different. And it’s not, in the language of these things, senator. Also, who gives a toss, state level spendthrifts are a dime a dozen.

Also known as winning

He made millions bringing authentic pizzas to Britain, but by the time of his death, businessman Peter Boizot had lost all of his money.

The Pizza Express founder, who died last December aged 89, left assets of £99,050, but the size of his net estate was reduced to nil after his liabilities were settled, probate records show.

Despite making a reported £33 million when he sold the hugely successful restaurant chain in 1993

Interesting meaning of the word “responsible”

We are in the middle of the most intense political crisis for a generation. And in a few days Boris Johnson could well be handed the keys to No 10. That will make things worse, not better.

Any responsible future prime minister would have spent the past few weeks seeking to find a consensus in parliament for a way forward, building bridges with our European allies rather than Donald Trump, and making the case for unity not division across the country.

“Responsible” here meaning “does what I want”.

Frances Ryan finds welfare checks aren’t so bad

I was “lucky”. Unlike some, I didn’t have to skip meals because my disability benefits had been removed. I wasn’t forced to go through a lengthy and exhausting appeal. I wasn’t, like the late Stephen Smith, forced to discharge myself from hospital in order to attend the tribunal to fight my case. But it is surely a sign of a broken system when disabled people relying on Britain’s safety net are grateful if it catches them without too much pain.

Recipient of taxpayers’ cash interviewed by bureaucrat on verity of need for taxpayers’ cash.

Nothing else happens.

This is an outrage

One of you lot will know about this

The mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, has said Manchester should have an underground railway, as the cost of the delayed Crossrail project in London swelled to £17.6bn.

Burnham proposed a “Crossrail for Manchester-type scenario” where new railway lines would be built under central Manchester to help people get across the increasingly gridlocked city.

There is presumably some metric by which we can decide whether to tunnel or not. Whether to have a Tube or not.

What are they an does Manchester pass?

Not that it makes any damn difference of course

Could Boris make stamp duty payable by the seller, not the buyer?

Not to the incidence of the tax.

Although charging the tax to the people who demonstrably have a large cheque in their hands seems reasonable enough.

So, why wasn’t it done before? Because the tax was actually a charge for the registration of the new ownership of the property. Only once it became a tax, rather than a simple charge, id it even become an issue.

Well done Telegraph

Britain’s EU contribution rises by 20 per cent in year, as UK’s booming economy props up Brussels’ budget

Be interesting to know why….

Britain’s contribution to the EU has shot up by £2.6 billion per cent in the past 12 months, new Treasury figures show, as the UK’s growing economy was used to prop up Brussels’ budget.

No, we’re not going to get much useful out of this arts graduate in the Telegraph now, are we?


As Hacked Off put it on Twitter: “Some newspapers have resorted to distortions, inaccuracies and explicit transphobic abuse.”


IPSO is not fit for purpose and sectors of the UK press are out of control. What they do is not journalism, and it does not deserve protection.

We don’t protect it because it’s journalism. We protect it because it’s free speech.

So, what’s the threat here?

The Mexican drug lord known as El Chapo has been ordered to forfeit billions of dollars and spend the rest of his life in a maximum security US prison, ending a criminal career that at its height controlled much of the western hemisphere’s drug trade.

Joaquin Guzman, the former leader of Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, was ordered by a judge in New York to pay $12.6 billion to the US government, a conservative estimate of his profits in the US, and serve a life sentence plus 30 more years.

We’ll make it life plus 20 if you pay up? Life plus 40 if you don’t?

Yes love

There appears to be some uncertainty as to which “home” the four congresswomen could go back to (Trump’s ‘go back’ racism is crude, but may yet be effective, 17 July). Is it too much to hope that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s family tree might reveal roots in the UK that she could return to? She would be most welcome.
Ginny Gough
Cottenham, Cambridgeshire

And much of America would like her to take the opportunity too.

Is it really 50/50 or better that he’s saved the life of every reader?

This little-known inventor has probably saved your life

The headline question being asked by Mr McKay:

David knew his idea for a cockpit recorder was a good one. Without official support, there was little he could do about it – but he couldn’t get it out of his mind.

When his boss was promoted, David pitched his invention again. His new superior was intrigued, and so was Dr Laurie Coombes, ARL’s chief superintendent. They urged him to keep working on it – but discreetly. Since it wasn’t a government-approved venture or a war-winning weapon, it couldn’t be seen to take up lab time or money.

Black box recorder 50/50 break on saving the life of the modal BBC reader?

Think it unlikely, don’t you?