So that’s pretty much that then

Robert Mueller, the special counsel, has finished his report into whether Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign colluded with Russia.

A US justice department official said Mr Mueller, in his report, had not recommended any further criminal charges.

Not that we ever thought is was anything but politics of course.

Your task today

Is to approach your nearest large newsagent. Sorta Smith’s size one. Who stocks the pocket novels by The Peoples’ Friend. Good clean wholesome love stories. Mills and Boon without the booze or sex.

Jenny Worstall’s “Love and Lies” went on sale today as part of the series. You don’t actually have to buy a copy, although Smith’s does sell them at 50% off if you buy any magazine as well. Hint, hint…..

Sis will be proud of you of course.

And I can confirm that “Jenny Worstall’s novel sold out in her home town on day of issue” and it wasn’t even me nor other family that bought them all. We’re actually one short of the order we need for a proud Mother to hand out to relatives….

Not sold online! Only, as far as I can make out, in Smith’s or other similar large newsagents…..


The first person in Britain to be charged with a transgender hate crime has warned that the police and courts are being used to stifle legitimate debate on the controversial topic.

Miranda Yardley, who was born a man but underwent gender realignment to become a woman, went on trial earlier this month after being accused of harassment by a transgender activist.

The 51-year-old accountant, who still identifies as male, was prosecuted after Helen Islan, the mother of a transgender child, accused him of “outing” her son by posting a picture of him on Twitter.

Reality is now a hate crime? Here’s a pic of someone trans, that’s a hate crime?

Aren’t we a patriarchy?

The NHS normally only provides PSA blood tests – which can show an increased risk of prostate cancer – from the age of 50, if requested, or from the age of 45 when there is a family history of disease.

There is no NHS screening programme for prostate cancer.

The incidence of prostate cancer is higher or lower than that of breast?

The screening program for breast cancer is how large?

This is interesting

The centre maintains that there is an essential experience that comes from being born in the body of a woman that shapes some of its core services, but said it would see to the safety of anyone who calls its crisis line.

What a lovely mixture we’ve got. The general lefty insistence is that environment is all in shaping a personality. Except with trans, gender and sexual taste apparently. When it’s all born and baked in.


Ah, a visiting fellowship

Cambridge University has rescinded its offer of a visiting fellowship to controversial academic Jordan Peterson, who refuses to refer to transgender people by their chosen pronouns, after outcry from faculty and students.

This is like a visiting professorship but perhaps a tad grander? Or less so?

Come give a couple of lectures, have dinner, goodbye sorta thing? Like the LSE gave Naomi Klein?

An idle thought

A federal jury in San Francisco found Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide was a substantial factor in causing the cancer of a California man, in a landmark verdict that could affect hundreds of other cases.

The same sort of people who will hail this jury’s wisdom – insist that it is proof perfect that glyphosate kills – will be those who also insist that juries aren’t competent to judge rape cases.


Geordies are sheep now, apparently

A Sudanese shepherd granted asylum in the UK has claimed that “immorality” in Newcastle encouraged him to sexually assault a man in the city centre.

Zain Osman, 25, who arrived in the country on a lorry, thrust his hands down the victim’s trousers and tried to force him to perform oral sex on him in the street.

Not that you’d want a blow job from a ruminant really. Not more than once at least.

Update, there might be a more unkind way to tell this story. Attempted sex with a Geordie? Jeez, he must have been drunk.

We don’t matey, we don’t

Avocad-NO: why does everyone hate the Shepard avocado?
Mel Campbell
The Shepard avocado is consistently smashed online – and hatred of the green menace intensifies as Hass avocados go out of season

99% of humanity has never heard of the difference and 99.9% don’t give a shit either.

Amazingly stupid

European food and ingredients have become staple food choices for the British. The use of ingredients such as garlic, peppers, avocados, Parmesan cheese and all those other European ingredients that are now taken for granted are relatively new and were still rare in the 1990s.

Half of those named ingredients, avocados and peppers, are actually American.



That’s something I think many cisgender people don’t realise, or think about. We’re all born with the same template, and our hormones then decide what particular bits of the recipe our bodies should follow – so for example in the womb a rush of hormones tells us whether we should grow male or female gonads; in puberty hormones tell us whether to grow breasts or beards. But the template for both sexes remains, so if you take somebody born male, suppress their testosterone and increase their estrogen then their body (and their emotions; jeez, the emotions…) will change.

Reproductive systems aside, men and women aren’t that different: the idea that there are huge biological differences between the sexes is largely based on status preservation.

Hormones aren’t biological now?

Long serving restaurant people

A piccie project in London:

‘It’s like a family’: the restaurant staff who stay in the same job for decades

Couple of years back was in London, late night, went into “The Grill” just opposite Convent Garden Opera House. Used to work there when I was a student, back in ooooh, 1986? Chatted to the staff a bit and found out that, although he was off that particular night a bloke I’d been working with there was still going. At least 30 years as a waiter in a West End burger and ribs joint. That’s pretty good going….

Can’t see that the place is still there tho’….

Umm, what?

Why we need a new philosophy of sex

A number of years ago, I found myself at a public sex beach in southern France for research purposes. Unsurprisingly, I experienced some ethical dilemmas. Because I was researching the ethics of sexuality, my research involved potentially having sex with men and women at the beach.

The question of whether I “should” or “could” do so was complicated by a number of factors. I am a woman. I am queer. I am an academic. At the time, I was also in an (increasingly) difficult relationship with a man who was a philosopher. Given all of these complex factors, I desperately needed ethical assistance supported by philosophy (that I read and revered) that did not judge, and was aligned to my sexuality. But this philosophy – whichever way I turned to find it – doesn’t exist.

Engineers have, over the past few thousand years, gone from struggling over how to put the olive press together to landing men on the Moon. Philosophers are still stuck in this sort of navel gazing. Which has added more to human utility?

OK, add in that the engineers have also worked out how to clothe, feed, entertain and house us and stuff too.

Also, has the word changed meaning while I wasn’t looking? A queer woman in a relationship with a bloke? Eh?