Welcome, Welcome, One and All

Oooh, exciting isn\’t it? New blog, lovely white pages, no scuffs on the cover or anything. Time perhaps for a radical rethink of what I blog about?

Naah. Same old froths and rants I think. Just in a new place. It\’ll take us a few days (yes, there is indeed a crack team working on the styling n\’everything) to get up to speed but blogging will be here now, not there.

10 comments on “Welcome, Welcome, One and All

  1. Sorry, Tim, I spilled some red wine on your nice white page. No worries, though. I flipped it over and the stain shouldn’t show.

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  3. Tom,

    There’s an option with WordPress to import all your posts from another blog, not sure if it supports your previous blogs platform but it might be worth taking a look.

  4. Wot Leon said. I know there’s a typepad/movable type option, so I’m assuming DK just hasn’t got around to it yet.

    Also. Kubrick, but Green? My least favoured WP theme across the board. I commend Sandbox and a good CSS makeover, much more effective.

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