Richard Murphy Gets One Right!

I know, it\’s a bit of a shocker but this is simply quite wonderful. You see, Non-Doms don\’t not pay tax at all:

George Osborne has begun to talk tax. On domicile Bloombreg report that he is proposing a flat levy of £25,000 pounds ($51,000) on non- domiciled residents who currently avoid tax.

I’ve got news for George Osborne. The average tax paid by a non-domiciled person now is £26,800, based on Treasury data.

Bravo Mr. Murphy, Bravo!

One comment on “Richard Murphy Gets One Right!

  1. Surely the tax they currently pay is only on UK earned income? Assuming that the vast majority of the non-domiciled are high net worth individuals their £25K “fee” for this tax beneficial status is additional to any tax paid on their UK earnings?

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