The Constitution

Well, quite:

It is what the row about the European constitution is all about: what control do we have over our own destiny; and how do we call those who govern us to account?

Leave aside this specific document recently signed. Think about the larger situation. We, the Plain People of Britain, cannot throw out those who create 80% of our laws. Democracy has usefully been described as the ability to throw the bastards out.

Ergo, we are no longer  a democracy, as we cannot.

Anyone else not entirely happy with this situation?

2 comments on “The Constitution

  1. As I understand the situation, there were 9 facets of the EU constitution which would have forced a referendum in Denmark. These areas were altered to make sure there would be no vote in Denmark as it is generally feared that would cause a domino effect bringing about votes by the people in GB and Sweden.
    Curious that the live of young British soldiers are risked every day to bring democracy to Irak but as it gets closer to home, democracy seems less and less necessary.

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