4 comments on “Has Our Nation Got the Politicians it Deserves?

  1. No. It is a small group of floating voters , referred to as the school gate mums by pollsters, that have given us this government. Isn’t democracy great.

  2. I’ve never really agreed with the idea that a few people decide the election. Whilst I see the point that a small swing gets a large result, it takes everyone else to stick to their usual patterns for the outcome to result. If everyone else didn’t bother then the outcome would be very different, so a large number bear responsibility.

  3. “Our MPs now are largely professional politicians, which is the root of the problem. They go into politics to make, if not money, then certainly a decent living.”

    That is a large measure of the problem. By and large they have never had to survive in a competitive, results based environment. Once they see the advantages of public sector non-jobs, they learn to fear real accountability.

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