Slash n\’ Sex

Presented without comment:

Former GUNS N\’ ROSES guitarist SLASH is tired of dating porn stars, because the sex is too exhibitionist.
The 42-year-old rocker – born Saul Hudson – has previously dated a number of porn stars, and famously missed out on bedding X-rated actress Traci Lords because he was too intoxicated on crack cocaine.
But he admits life in the bedroom can become repetitive.
He says, "The sex (with a porn star) is great and very uninhibited. The lows were getting too much of the same thing. It starts to feel like you\’re making a movie every time you have sex."

OK, a comment. Could this be the onset of middle age?

2 comments on “Slash n\’ Sex

  1. Or is it a text book case of a declining marginal gain? When Slash was 18 and short of sex with porn stars, he indulged to the best of his ability. But every sexual encouter was slightly less satisfying that the previous one. So 24 years later he finds the marginal gain outweighs the investment of his time and energy.

    Maybe he needs to try something new?

    The Greek world was never short of pretty young female slaves. So the Thebans offered the Spartan garrison in the fortress on Cadmea mature *married* women. The Spartans were tired of the pretty young women and the idea of a little variety appealled so they invited the wives of the citizens up for a banquet. Once there, the women threw off their veils and of course were really soldiers.

    I am not sure where that story goes. But it felt appropriate at the time.

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