Our Glorious European Union

This is how the system works:

Firstly Barroso moved Jacques Barrot from the Transport to the Justice & Home Affairs portfolio in the Commission.


Barrot has been a European Commissioner since April 2004, serving as Commissioner for Regional Policy in the Prodi Commission before being selected as a Vice-President and Commissioner for Transport in the Barroso Commission.In 2000 he was convicted in a French court of "abuse of confidence".The case involved the diverting of £2 million of government money to his party.He received an eight month suspended prison sentence but was pardonned by Jacques Chirac.

This is the way the European Union works. The Justice department for 450 million people is now to be run by a convicted criminal.

Can we leave yet?

Update: welcome Instapundit readers: yes, please do copy and spread that video.

6 comments on “Our Glorious European Union

  1. “The Justice department for 450 million people is now to be run by a convicted criminal”

    You completly miss the point – all that matters is that he is a “good” European. This trumps criminality, incompetence and stupidity.

  2. He was pardoned.

    That means you are not allowed to bring up his gross incompetence, irresponsible fiscal policy, total lack of morals or his evil, petty bureaucratic self-serving nature.

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