Together We Can


A slightly cringe making video but the actual campaign being advertised isn\’t all that bad. Yes, of course, there\’s the usual CO2 saving guff however there\’s a few of their "resources" (as I believe the phrase is) worth looking into a little more. Half price loft insulation, how to recycle your phone (there\’s both valuable and poisonous metals in those so that\’s not a CO2 thing at all), cheap CFLs at Tesco, that sort of thing.


Yes, this is an ad, well see how these things go.

3 comments on “Together We Can

  1. Unfortunately the half-price loft insulation offer ended on the 1st of May. Harrumph!

  2. Actually I could be sold on this campaign.

    If we are all in this together, I tell you what, send Ms Schiffer around and I will do my bit – I won’t turn on the central heating. Cuddling will do nicely.

    Seems a reasonable solution to save the planet to me.

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