Mike Meacher

What is clearly needed, though sadly highly unlikely, is an international conference (perhaps as a serious offshoot from the lightweight G20 conference a week ago?) to reach a binding agreement on the oil price for a five-year period rolled forward,…


He\’s seriously suggesting that oil should be pegged at $90 a barrel. Have these people learnt nothing at all from the various attempts to fix commodity prices over the years?

7 comments on “Mike Meacher

  1. He could just purchase a set of future price calls/puts if he really wanted to do this for himself.

    Should the government use taxpayers money to do this for everyone?

    Er, NO!

  2. It is tragic that a vile ignoramus such as this could be in our government.

    Luckily, he isn’t, and hasn’t been since he was sacked for being an idiot five years ago…

  3. Fixing the price of oil is broadly speaking George Osborne’s plan if he gets into government, through lowering or raising petrol duty.

  4. “Luckily, he isn’t, and hasn’t been since he was sacked for being an idiot five years ago…”

    If you get sacked from the government for being an idiot, do you automatically then get paid by the guardian for being an idiot?

    I’m trying to find out how this works….

  5. It depends. If you’re a left-wing idiot, then yes; if you’re a right-wing idiot then you’ll be snapped up by a tabloid instead (c.f. Blunkett)

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