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  1. While there’s some truth there – controls on landing fees probably will be lifted when BAA is broken up – he may be overstating the case: Heathrow charges £11.97 per passenger, while Schiphol (which is pretty much its direct competition, in terms of international transfer passengers) charges €13.

  2. Worth more to whom?

    Better value to paying public = probably a gain to them.

    Loss of monopoly position = probably a loss to shareholders. That’s the good thing about foreign ownership, politicians don’t care too much what they think.

  3. It’s the best result for BAA. They are maxed out with debt and being forced by the government to sell rather than coming to the market as a distressed seller will enable them to get a much better price. I know from contacts within BAA’s finance department that they are the opposite of unhappy about this.

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