Recycling taxes through charities

And into the Labour Party.

A CHARITY that has had more than £840,000 of loans quietly written off by a government fund has made two unlawful donations to the Labour party.

Catz Club, which runs after-school clubs for children, paid £30,000 to attend two Labour fundraising events at Wembley stadium. Charity law bans the use of charitable funds to bank-roll political parties.

To be honest, while I know nothing of this specific charity, I can\’t say that I\’m surprised at the basic activity. They have form.

Like, umm, giving millions to the unions for "modernisation" and then getting millions in donations from the unions.

4 comments on “Recycling taxes through charities

  1. Devil’s Kitchen and others have examples of equally pernicious but far, far larger abuse of taxpayer’s money – that of Government funding ‘charities’ to lobby the Government.

    If the money wasn’t given volutarily, can it still be called a charity?

  2. I think we may find that this sort of thing has been going on for some while and is of Madoff proportions.

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