So, Melanie Reid, fresh from calling for voluntary slavery, decides to insist that rugby and rugby players just ain\’t sexy. First comment to the piece:

I wonder what rugby position her ex-husband played?

Mark , Bishop\’s Stortford, UK

Lashings of ginger beer for Mark from Bishop\’s Stortford I think, no?

3 comments on “Bwhahahaha

  1. Melanie Reid is a silly moo. I have an elderly girlfriend who, in her heyday, was exquisitely beautiful and very sexy indeed. Between marriages she had a rugby player as a lover, and said he was a complete delight – as long as he didn’t speak.;-)

  2. Years ago, there was this guy called Willie-John McBride. And he epitomised the totally mystifying appeal of young men in shorts, who go tearing around covered in mud, crashing into one-another, getting their front teeth knocked out, and still going out on the razzle with an attractive young lady under each arm.

    There’s nowt so strange as folk….

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