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  1. Since the 17th century the most spoilt generation has been the next one. I can’t see this trend changing.

  2. “I can’t see this trend changing.”

    Since the hedonism has been supported by borrowed cash, I can’t see it continuing.

    I can see growing anger that the toys have been taken away (all the fault of the bankers, capitalism, markets, etc.).

    I can see calls for a ‘fairer’ society being made by those who think ‘fairer’ means they will continue to get free money.

  3. This article is a bit muddled.

    The problems apparently are the $4.4trn of oversea liabiltiies accumulated by UK banks.

    First, it’s hard to see how this can mainly be blamed on the government as AEP does.
    Second, the devaluation of Sterling, which certain commentators seemed to think was costless just a few weeks ago, presumably has increased this from about $3tr to $4.4tr (or if that is out of date, from $4.4tr to $6tr). If we’re assuming the assets are worth much less then this has been really costly.
    Third, if this is the real problem facing the country then the fact that the government was borrowing 3% of GDP , mostly domestically, is neither here nor there.

  4. I’m sorry, but I have serious difficulty in taking anything seriously that’s been written by someone called “Ambrose”…

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