The Minister Speaks Out

…but in a stinging response, Mr McNulty, a former police minister in the Home Office, said: "I have enormous respect for the work and experience of Dame Stella Rimington but I think on this she is totally and utterly wrong.

"Wrong to suggest that had all the things we planned been passed we\’d have been a police state, and wrong to suggest we have somehow stumbled towards a police state.

But we don\’t think you\’ve stumbled towards a police state. We think you\’ve been actively planning, desiring and running as fast as you can towards a police state.

Because you\’re statist authoritarian fuckwits who wouldn\’t recognise freedom and liberty if they came up and gave you a great big wet one on the lips. With tongue.

3 comments on “The Minister Speaks Out

  1. Isn’t there some push to put CCTV cameras in pubs?

    God, I wish they would try that here. Hilarity would ensue.

    Not to mention gunfire.

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