Well, no

So we see a little more spin on that Mussolini story:

History remembers Benito Mussolini as a founder member of the original Axis of Evil, the Italian dictator who ruled his country with fear and forged a disastrous alliance with Nazi Germany. But a previously unknown area of Il Duce\’s CV has come to light: his brief career as a British agent.

Archived documents have revealed that Mussolini got his start in politics in 1917 with the help of a £100 weekly wage from MI5.

Well, no, that really wasn\’t his start in politics. Pre WWI he had been the editor of the Socialist Party\’s national newspaper, with a circulation of 100,000.

Matthew has pointed out that we perhaps shouldn\’t get our retaliation in early: but this is an example of perhaps why we should. For it is, of course, The Guardian, telling us that his political career started with the British and facism…..

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