Yeah, right.

Hugo Chávez calls for dieting in streets of Caracas

Fat is a socialist issue, says president as Venezuelans pile on the pounds

Nothing at all to do with having entirely cocked the agricultural and food distribution systems with price controls.

Oh no siree, nothing at all.

5 comments on “Snigger

  1. Actually, loathe though i am to say so, I’m with Bob here.

    But for other reasons: let’s just be glad that the benighted Venezuelans are actually getting enough calories. Socialism usually results in starvation without the need for public calls for dieting…

  2. Ah! But if it is price controls wot dun it, I predict the problem will be resolved within a year or two. By then the farmers will have gone out of business and King Hugo will be imposing collectivisation on his people.

    It’ll be Ukraine circa 1930 all over again. Just with a tropical twist.

    Viva la revolucion!

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