A slight problem for geothermal power then

Markus Haering, who designed the geothermal project, rejected allegations that he deliberately damaged properties and said local people knew the risks.

The deep drilling underground caused a series of earthquakes in 2006, including one of 3.4 magnitude, rattling residents of the north-western city of Basel. Geopower Basel, the project leader, has already paid around 9 million Swiss francs (£5.3 million) in compensation for cracked walls and other damage on properties near the experiment.

Fairly expensive really for a pilot project in geothermal power.

Wonder if that makes it more expensive than fossil fuel?

Hmm. Maybe it\’s just Gaia protesting at being raped?

3 comments on “A slight problem for geothermal power then

  1. If geothermal energy damages private property and requires large subsidies, it is clearly the way forward for Britain.

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