Ignorant twaddle

Racism trumps all other evils in society, period.

Barbara Ellen.

Seriously? Jebus woman, get a grip. Racism  trumps slavery? Yes, there are still societies which have slavery and our own did in the past. Racism trunps crucifixion in the public square? Yes, this does still exist in some societies (it is still a punishment used in Saudi Arabia). Racism trumps mass murder? Gulags?

6 comments on “Ignorant twaddle

  1. Oh no, Timmy, don’t be ridiculous; of course mass murder is acceptable if done in a progressive cause.

  2. They way I read it, so long as your candidates for slavery, mass murder and crucifixions (public or otherwise) aren’t selected on the basis of race, then they must be okay.

    Cool! So far as I can tell socialists come in all colours.

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