On the subject of Mr. Iain Dale

Not quite I think:

I went through most of my 20s not acknowledging my own sexuality to anyone but myself, let alone my own family.

I have this small strange feeling that perhaps the occasional lover might have been let in on that secret you know.

8 comments on “On the subject of Mr. Iain Dale

  1. So you’ve never heard of a glory hole?

    (If you’re going to be a pendant then you can expect pendantry).

  2. That’s the second time in a week that someone has missed the pendant joke. Is this going to become a regular feature? :-)

  3. “Is this going to become a regular feature?”

    I hope not. The point to a running gag is for it run. Alas there’s a bit of stumbling at the moment.

  4. Not merely stumbling, but falling flat on its face by the look of it.

    Tim, this is quite a serious post, you know. Hope you’ve got facts right.

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