Russian heatwave: not climate change, NOAA says so

Good piece here.

The Russian heatwave really isn\’t a product of climate change, global warming or greenhouse gas emissions.

It\’s just one of those things: and the reason we\’ve got a hotter record is that the longer you keep a set of records of some variable the further away from the norm the records will be.

4 comments on “Russian heatwave: not climate change, NOAA says so

  1. Hmmm. I wonder if the BBC will report this little nugget.

    I mean, if the heatwave *had* been blamed on GW, then it would be leading the six o’clock news wouldn’t it? And the BBC is a balanced impartial organisation after all.

    (*Ducks just in time to avoid flying pig*0

  2. D’ye mean that that record test stand for the eighth wicket wasn’t caused by Global Warming?

  3. I am so old that I can remember killer smogs in London and Manchester.There was much more atmospheric pollution then: London was called “the Smoke” ; Manchester stone buildings were uniform black with ingrained soot (rather nice: a matt black line of Doric columns was a sight to behold).
    I am never going to believe in the pollution theory of global warming until they explain how pollution affects the jetstream.Russia appears to have been caught in a big kink in the jetstream
    (whether Mobile Polar Highs were involved ,sound like some aspect of drug dealing,is another matter).
    I don’t know why with British weather forecasts they don’t just tell you where the jetstream is and leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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