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You will have seen these little advertorials that turn up here from time to time: if you have a blog, why not at least consider signing up to it yourself?

The advantages are that they do in fact pay reasonable sums for these pieces: and as you can see, their code of conduct is also very clear. When something is a sponsored article they do insist, as here, that it is made very clear that it is so sponsored. You know, this truth in advertising thing, when you're shilling you should make very clear that you are in fact shilling.

What I hadn't known is that they're actually part of the Wikio group: the same people who keep and create the listings of blogs and produce the blog rankings each month. Clearly they're part of quite a large organisation then: which is why their advertisers seem to be the large corporations. PayPal, Levis, Llloyds TSB, rather than the much smaller (and often dodgier) companies that seem to dominate this form of blog advertising, the sponsored blog post.

Which leads to a certain musing: who would actually be the perfect advertiser?

I guess it would be someone that I'm entirely happy to shill for, that's a start (erm, like ebuzzing themselves, entirely happy to tell people about someone/something I do indeed use), plus a request to point people to something interesting and or useful (like, erm, ebuzzing, earning money is interesting and useful, isn't it?).

But other than that, I think that the perfect advertiser would be one of the large brands: and something timely as well. Perhaps the Budweiser horses? Their Superbowl ads I always find amusing for example. Or perhaps you would prefer Levis to be running their past classic ads?

Anyway, if you do have a blog, you can sign up to run these campaigns here.

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