4 comments on “Judging the success of a newspaper column

  1. I guess it depends on whether you’ve written “In Praise of Something Brad DeLong Doesn’t Like” or “In Defence of Puppies Against Those Who’d Skewer Them On Kebabs”.

  2. I wouldn’t know whether Broad DeLarge agreed with me; I stopped reading him when he censored my comments.

  3. Brad DeLong once wrote a post in which he said Austrian economics was a load of crap, asked to be corrected, and then deleted any comments that did so. I know this because loads of people posted their deleted comments on Mises.org.

  4. I managed to get censored by Fat Brad for pointing out a few of Paul Krugman’s more obvious inconsistencies.

    While Brad’s less an economist than Paul, he’s more than his match in the area of intellectual dishonesty…

    Which is saying something.

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