Please abolish all ASH funding now

The latest from the numpties.

Having, themselves, shown that advertising services to help people quit smoking has no effect on the number of people who quit smoking, they insist that more advertising should be done.

Given that we can\’t hang them anymore can we at least stop spending tax money on them?

2 comments on “Please abolish all ASH funding now

  1. What a cynical bastard he is. It seems we already have state funding for politicians, but only the unelected ones (for now)

  2. He’s being as cynical as he’s let. These idiots were quiet for a bit last year whilst sussing out the new Govt. They’ve now seen that Lansley & co. are as bloody idiotic and insanely gullible as the previous mob. So, out comes more ‘expert’ garbage. (He’s got a degree, you know, he must know his stuff!)

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