Well, Turkey was interesting then

But I\’m going to have to find a way of getting from here to there and here again that doesn\’t take two days of travelling each way for one day of meetings there.


And yes, of course the first Turkish word I said outloud turned out to be a swearword. What with the systems of cidillas and accents they have on the c and s, a word could be pronounced \”sekis\” or \”chekish\”. I went for the soft s and c and therefore said \”fuck\” instead of \”exit\”, which was the word I was actually reading out.

Finally, a general hint for travellers to new countries and continents. Read the \”general info\” section of the guidebook before you go, rather than while idly passing time in an airport on the way back.

That way you\’ll find out that the tap water isn\’t recommended before rather than after you\’ve been drinking it.

Oh, and the reason for the absence? We seem to be a stage closer to possibly, maybe, building my beloved and much desired scandium factory.