6 comments on “So who was Fred the Shred banging then?

  1. Harmen? Merkel? Widdicombe? Mandleson?!?

    Any other super-injunctions mentioned in The House denying that a particular women (I’m assuming it is a woman) isn’t a banker/adultress/has a perv-on for greying bankers on massive pay/bonked in an office with ‘Shred?

  2. sadly…it was the corporate disease…you start to believe your own bullshit. It is always fatal…and once you get high enough, no one ever calls you out. It’s the story of BT after the 3G auctions….BT once Ben verwaeyen departed….and I suggest it applies elsewhere…maybe GM…..etc
    And ubi sunt…Hanson Trust…Heron?

  3. Personally, I’d look for an attractive blond with a meteoric career. Possibly in the Bank’s Risk function at the time.

  4. One does find the concept that these sorts of people reproduce by other means than a photocopier hard to sustain.

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