10 comments on “Ritchie\’s plan for the economy

  1. My Plan:

    1. Lower taxes
    2. All the unemployed to be given lower benefits, government to be severely curtailed, no govt employee to be on more than the PM, etc
    3. ???
    4. Profit!

  2. I like the maths where paying someone 25K only actually “costs” 2K due to the recovered tax and benefits not paid out.

    Doesn’t that prove that taxes and benefits are too high?

    Perhaps Ritchie could employ some people, after all it will help the economy.

  3. I think, somewhere in that incoherent rambling, he does hint that getting the eff out of the EU would be a good thing. So we’re slowly getting through.

    But I particularly liked:

    all but an elite suffer in what you propose

    in answer to a commentator who proposed the Nordic model. All but an elite suffer in Sweden, glory child of the Toynbee set? Mais, non, monsieur!

  4. These new govt jobs for the unemployed should be very highly paid, so that more tax will be raised. If the pay was high enough, the tax raised would pay the defect off. simples.

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