Stupid questions in The Guardian we can answer

Why Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, not Oxford?

Because there is already a title associated with Oxford, the Earl of Oxford and Asquith.

And no, you can\’t go around making someone a Duke of a place when you\’ve already got an Earl of that place.

Good grief. Yes, they might be odd rules but rules is still rules.

5 comments on “Stupid questions in The Guardian we can answer

  1. And, pleasingly circularly, the “Blue” in “Blues and Royals”, in which the HRH Duke of Cambridge is commissioned (and whose uniform his brother was wearing), is Oxford Blue. Although the Regiment wasn’t founded by the Earl, it was the “Earl of Oxford’s Regiment” after the restoration, before they became the Royal Horse Guards.

  2. Err, who?

    The author seems to be a bloke:

    “professor of British and Irish history at Cambridge and a fellow of Selwyn College”

  3. There is also a well established and quite large, roster of royal dukedoms and earldoms from which the title would be chosen: St Andrews, Cambridge, Cumberland, Albany, Chester, Gloucester, Hanover, Kent, Sussex, Cornwall, York, Ulster… and that’s just reading off the streets and terraces named for them round Regent’s Park.

    Tim adds: Sure. St Andrews is in use (junior royal who married a Catholic, that’s all I can remember about him), Gloucester, Kent (Queen’s cousins?), Cornwall (Charles), York(Andy)….

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