7 comments on “It is just such a surprise how our tax money gets spent, isn\’t it?

  1. It might at least show some of these abstracted civil servants how to go for goal/score.

    Or put some bounce into their drab lives ?

    Alan Douglas

  2. So they not only arranged for the beach volleyball to take place on Horse Guards Parade (“at the heart of Whitehall, the political centre of the UK”, the London Olympics website says), they also spent our money on first row seats! Trebles all ’round…

  3. Steve

    It’s the acid test for parties that you shouldn’t vote for. Thatcher told Birmingham they could pay for it, if they wanted it.

    Every claim of what the Olympics brings in terms of development, health or tourism has been thoroughly debunked (tour operators are observing the same fall in bookings that Athens and Sydney saw).

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