11 comments on “So what\’s this all about then?

  1. Looking at my earlier comment, “amateur fan of Ron Paul” reads oddly, as if there were “professional fans of Ron Paul”

    Wait a minute….

    Ron Paul is a fine man, as politicians go. And self interest demands that I be exceptionally devoted to the right to hold political opinions unpopular with the majority. But some of Paul’s supporters are a little OTT.

  2. That would be Paul Harris. From the Grauniad. The Grauniad’s US correspondent.

    The one who should know that official campaign ads have to be ‘endorsed’ by a candidate at the end of the ad with an “I’m John Doe and I approve this message” -type clip/ voiceover.

    But didn’t.

    Perhaps they’d be better off hiring a US correspondent who knows things about, y’know, the US?

  3. The parody exemption to copyright covers parodying the muppets, not using the muppets to parody Mitt Romney. That is, it covers copying only the thing you are parodying.

    So yes, this could be a violation….

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