3 comments on “BREAKING NEWS: David Cameron evicted after neighbours complain of drunken anti-social behaviour, foul language and urinating in the street

  1. In for a penny, in for a Euro: now he’s got to start taking a few more brisk actions. I recommend he start by getting our troops home from Germany sharpish: they’re hostages to fortune where they’re parked at the mo’. He should get a commission going on how to rewrite any of our EU-inspired Acts that our civil serpents have gold-plated, and another checking the legality of any EU stuff we don’t like – if it wasn’t spot-on precisely legal, bin it. Generally get a few rolling mauls going.

  2. Local Info:
    The Northampton Chronicle and Echo is sometimes recklessly put together : the first sentence of a very earnest article about plans “to limit the sale of cut price- alcohol” escaped the sub-editors.It read :” Campaigners against high alcohol prices in Northampton say Government plans to reduce the cost of alcohol don’t go far enough .”
    Also Spring Boroughs, where the real David Cameron lives, is the plumb dead centre of Alan Moore’s psychogeographical view of the cosmos.He was born there .And it is very anciently odd.

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