6 comments on “The shorter Robert Reich

  1. Are you being “heightist” today Tim ? I note rr is only 4ft 10 in and once wrote a book called “why growth is good”

    Tim adds: I did consider making that joke but reconsidered. Not for reasons of taste of course. Just because I couldn’t quite get it right.

  2. Didn’t we make a similar observation with regard to one Eoin Clarke’s liking for coffee not long ago? He just wants a cup of coffee. Therefore all that should be on the menu is a cup of coffee.

  3. Not to mention that no-one gets “paid” time off. Your employer could equally well increase your pay (on a weekly or hourly basis) and not pay you over the holiday: then you wouldn’t have paid holidays but you’d still have the same overall pay.

    (In fact, your net pay would go up a smidge because of the absolutely potty way that National Insurance works.)

    The conclusion is fairly obvious, and I suspect that apart from the resident idiot we’ve already come to it: enforce “paid” time off, and unit wages will fall, but only for the least well paid workers.

  4. I think Mr Reich is saying that Americans should be more like Europeans, who have mandatory vacations time. Mr Reich is 66 years of age, and I think he should be sufficiently well-off to retire an not go to work at all. Has anyone read his book “I`ll Be Short – Essentials for a Decent Working Society” ?

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