From a member of ZZ Top

\”If there are people who admire us and what we do, that\’s a huge compliment,\” Hill says. \”As long as it doesn\’t get too crazy. People are all the time telling me stories: they named their son after me, or more than likely their dog. Or they got a tattoo. Or had their first sexual encounter when a song of ours was playing. Thank you for the compliment, I really wish I had been there.\”

5 comments on “From a member of ZZ Top

  1. The only time I have executed a perfect handbrake turn on a public highway, after realizing I was going the wrong way en route to one of their concerts back in the early ’80s. I recall driving there but the concert itself if a blank.

  2. I assume this is just a back handed compliment to themselves. They are such a great rock band that people do insanely stupid things.

    There are people who have an appalled reaction to their fans – I am thinking of Alex Guiness and Star Wars fans in particular. But this does not sound like that at all. It sounds like smug self satisfaction posing as modesty.

    Still, I like to think our genial host has his fair share of groupies. It would only be fair. Why should all the semi-talentless guitar players with strange facial hair have all the fun?

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