10 comments on “Ritchie\’s new paper!

  1. Right, so in addition to Ritchie’s existing re-definitions, we now have to add:

    * commodity,
    * shortest,
    * supply &
    * many

    to the lists of words we have to translate from Ritchie-speak back into dictionary English whenever we read his inane burblings. Oh, FFS …

  2. “How much will it raise? This is not known at present.” Good conclusion

    “That’s because the full scale of losses to tax avoidance are not known”

    I can refer him to papers by TJN, TUC, Christian Aid and others that proclaim to know exactly how much tax avoidance there is as they all get the same answer for the last 5 years. Perhaps he should reference them.

  3. “£500 billion or whatever it is squeezed out of the British populace is short supply now, eh?”

    It is when the Government insists on spending £700 billion a year.

  4. Often optimists will claim that the only commodity with infinite supply is human ingenuity.

    It seems like human ignorance and stupidity are never going to reach “Peak” level either.

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