5 comments on “Obnoxio\’s right you know

  1. I once had a very similar discussion with a lefty chum of mine, where I emailed him the BNP manifesto, minus the bits about chucking out the blacks. He loved it; but of course, the BNP are ‘right wing’.

  2. Yes, the reference to prison makes Mosley the only possibility. He was a great advocate for a united Europe.

  3. I got called “authoritarian” recently for proposing a shift from all the taxes we have at the moment to system based on funding the core of the state from LVT and using (as far as can be achieved) morally-neutrally-calculated taxes to remediate externalities for drug/alcohol/fat/tobacco/petrol/diesel/electricity/gas/luxury-goods consumption.

    Never mind that they were the ones (effectively) defending the Establishment and their unearned property.

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