Willy on the social contract

The idea that the best society is one organised around a voluntarily agreed contract between its members who come together and acknowledge reciprocal obligations is not so lightly torched.

And we\’re going through a period of renegotiation of what that contract, voluntarily arrived at, is. Your problem with this is what?

Other, obviously, than the negotiations don\’t seem to be going your way Mr. Hutton.

Polls reveal large majorities who support the coalition\’s propositions.

So the haggling over that voluntary contract then: Osborne\’s doing what the majority think is right. Or even, this is indeed the voluntary part of that contract?

3 comments on “Willy on the social contract

  1. “Osborne’s doing what the majority think is right”. This is the UK electorate you’re writing about. I suggest that, “agree with”, is more accurate than, “think is right”

  2. Yes, the same majority that voted for the party such that it won more seats than any other single party. They formed a coalition by choice, could have gone it alone and perhaps not been dragged down by Lib Dems.

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