Plus ca change

France\’s dubious title as the leading country for consuming antidepressants has created an army of potentially unhinged individuals on a cocktail of inappropriate and dangerous drugs, a new book claims.

Perhaps the reason is new, however:

France\’s dubious title as the leading country for an army of potentially unhinged individuals

What has actually changed?

5 comments on “Plus ca change

  1. “More than one in five people in France has taken one of the four families of ‘psychotropic’ drugs – … two-thirds of them women.”

    Having dated at least two & married another I can certainly report a 100% hit rate for hypochondriacs amongst les femmes françaises. The bathroom shelf begins silting up with strange pills & potions almost from day one. Elegant & alluring they may be but there’s something distinctly weird about them. As the full column of clairvoyants in most French local papers’ small ads tends to confirm.

  2. If France really was the leading country for fielding an army of potentially unhinged individuals they’d be Germany.

  3. “Elegant & alluring they may be”

    Was in Carles de Gaulle a few days ago and then Manchester and the difference is really there. Can’t explain that one though

  4. Frogs have been drug fiends for as long as history.
    And the govt has been trying to wean them off it nearly as long. That’s why we have restrictive practices in pharmacies, yu can’t buy paracetemol at the supermarket, etc.
    Needless to say, govt efforts have been entirely fruitless.

    On the bright side, they tend to murder themselves rather than other people.

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