And I thought he was spouting nonsense

South Africa\’s president, Jacob Zuma, has declared that having a pet dog is not African, and that black South Africans who buy a dog, take it for walks and to the veterinarian are copying white culture.

Well, he is, of course. But at one level he\’s not. The dog is a descendant of the grey wolf. Which doesn\’t (didn\’t?) exist south of the Sahel where humanity started out. It appears that it\’s something picked up on the way out of Africa. So not, in fact, African (although that\’s all far too remote in time to affect the nonsense of Zuma\’s particular point).

25 comments on “And I thought he was spouting nonsense

  1. And we all had such high hours for south Africa. Guess the western cape will have to declare UDI, as the last bastion of sanity

  2. Having been a dog owner ( no, let’s be objective here, owned by various dogs) over the years, can’t help wondering about the northern affection for dogs. It’s something you tend to see in small children. Northern child’s “Oooo doggie!!!” reaction to great slavering canines. Other races’ terror in the same situation with Chihuahuas.
    Northern Europe actually a damned inhospitable place for humanity, what with the climate, forests etc. The dog must have been an immense help in settling it. Maybe the proto-Europeans who couldn’t bond with dogs simply couldn’t hack it & got out-competed. We bred dog affinity into our genes. Certainly, since getting involved with sheep herding as a passtime, it amazing how naturally one can slip into the very complex relationship between oneself & one’s working partner. It feels, not so much learning as re-discovering something. It’s not just the dog comprehending what the shepherd intends but the amount of information coming the other way. Being able to read the dog’s thoughts.
    There’s a similar thing with horses?

  3. It must be great to run a country with so few problems that you can spend your time worrying about such esoteric issues.

    South Africa must be perfect.

  4. …..Northern child’s “Oooo doggie!!!” reaction to great slavering canines. Other races’ terror in the same situation with Chihuahuas……

    One day I was walking my Labrador / Golden sweet harmless lass on the pavement beside a very busy road. The lady coming towards me, noticed the dog, and chose to walk on the other side of the barrier, with a look of abject terror on her face.

    The road posed a very real life threatening level of danger, I would probably take such a risk if the animal approaching were a Kodiak bear.

    The dog in question lives in a house with two children, who when they were just walking would try to ride the poor animal. In return it would run away from them and complain to us.

    A more harmless creature is difficult to envisage. Yet this woman’s instincts tell her that it is vicious, a view extremely common in her culture.

  5. I have discovered on my travels that Arabs and blacks generally can’t stand dogs, and a lot of them genuinely fear them. The Asians are a bit more ambivalent, and the Russians tend to like them quite a lot.

    But any black man who starts complaining that certain behaviours are “acting white” is a twat, wherever he is from.

  6. Is Azuma not the cove who is a suspected rapist (a real rapist not the “all men are rapists” femmi-cant) as well as the one singing songs about “Bring me my machine-gun” or some such.

    He should point his machine-gun down his pants and pull the triggger. He can then contemplate if talking falsetto is an African trait.

  7. I notice in the Telegraph picture Zuma is wearing glasses, which isn’t African either.

    I hope he isn’t being a big old hypocrite using the white man’s medicine and driving the white man’s Mercedes, while telling his subjects to be more “African”.

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  9. “You can tell a lot about a culture and a people by their views on dogs.”
    You can tell a lot about people by their views on dogs. Tend to regard the one’s don’t like them as not entirely human & avoid.

  10. I like dogs but I’m not fond of Chihuahuas. My ex had one that took an instant and intense dislike to me, which was reciprocated after it chased one of my cats. The other one beat the crap out of it so after that it stayed away from cats altogether, but still… It picked on the friendly and somewhat dim one, which put me right off. The noise the horrible little thing made was appalling too.

  11. At least now there’s a decent dog in the house – an 11 year old rough collie. He’s an ex grand champion show dog and stud, enjoying a relaxing retirement. Beautiful lad, such a great personality. Give me animals over humans any day of the week.

  12. My old tomcat ( now dead well over 25 years ago) regarded all dogs as clockwork toys for his benefit …..
    Alternately, I once had a Borzoi, who allowed the B&W stray kitten to sleep on top of her – cause it was warm ….

  13. Zuma’s and most Africans are always saying crazy shit like this its just an inferiorirty complex. Obviously there’s very little diffenece between paleolithic societies be it in Europe Asia or Africa but the intelligensia are always on this ego trip trying to prove that Africans are somehow unique and it just gets sillier and sillier.

    If you google about Ubuntu, the philosophy not the operating system, many African’s actually believe that before the arrival of Europeans, Africa was like some kind of communitarian paradise. I reckon the notion probably originates from commie propaganda during the cold war trying to ideologically win over support.

    There’s probably a whole book to be written de-bunking this shit. In fact I might just write a pamphlet with key points so that next time I’m sitting in the pub and someone starts goin about it I can just say “read this then stop talking bollocks”.

    Hmm rant!!!!

  14. All your supporters should be cat-lovers, who like those with independent thought. Zuma, and other communists, should like dogs, many of which are servile. “Dogs have owners, cats have servants”.

  15. One Somali explained to me why nearly all Somalis dislike and avoid dogs:

    “They’re only good for keeping the lions away.”

    To which I responded:

    “Isn’t that a rather good reason for liking them?”

    He failed to see the humor.

  16. gunker – “And we all had such high hours for south Africa. Guess the western cape will have to declare UDI, as the last bastion of sanity”

    Who had high hopes for South Africa? The ANC was always just a front for the Communist Party and it was inevitable that it would go the same way as Zimbabwe or Tanzania. What I did not expect was that it would do so on explicitly racial grounds rather than Marxist ones.

    It is sad to note that the racists seem to have been right. Black people will not live in peace with White people. There will soon be no more White communities of note in the whole African continent. Just as there are fewer and fewer in places like Detroit. Zuma does have a point – acting White is acting White. But what he misses is that it is hardly a bad thing. South Africa needs middle class people of whatever colour. South Africa is screwed if it drives those of Whitish skin out and bullies those of darker pallour into behaving like, well, thugs. As we see in the US.

  17. 19john77 – “All your supporters should be cat-lovers, who like those with independent thought. Zuma, and other communists, should like dogs, many of which are servile. “Dogs have owners, cats have servants”.”

    On the other hand Muhammed is supposed to have specifically condemned dog ownership for anything other than practical ends like herding sheep. Allegedly Zoroastrians praised dogs so it was part of driving a wedge between the two communities in Iran years after the old pedo had died. Anyway that is why Muslim taxi drivers usually try to refuse to take dogs as passengers.

    There is no logic to human beings being nasty to each other. It is their nature just as it is for dogs to lick their private parts. You can’t find rules to explain it. Those that can, will in most cases.

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