You Can\’t Just Say Anything You Like On Twitter You Know!

Mustn\’t let them get away with this sort of nonsense:

Venezuelan intelligence officers have raided the home of a Twitter user suspected of spreading destabilising rumours about the health of Hugo Chávez ahead of an inauguration that the ailing president looks increasingly unlikely to attend.
Medina, who was not at home, is accused of instigating terrorism through social networking sites. He is said to be behind the @LucioQuincioC Twitter account, which has claimed that Chávez will not return from Havana.

The fate of the nation is far more important than any bourgeois rights to such fripperies as civil liberty or free speech.

2 comments on “You Can\’t Just Say Anything You Like On Twitter You Know!

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  2. The real reason seems to be this – “Alleged microblogger is cousin of prominent opposition journalist who has been critical of the Venezuelan government”.

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