10 comments on “In honour of the passing of Hugo Chavez, I have had his initials inscribed onto my bathroom taps.

  1. Strange coincidence.
    Bloke who had this apartment before me seemed a big fan of Fidel.

  2. While on holiday in Montreal, a Texan ate in a fancy restaurant. Halfway through the meal, he visited the lavatory, but ran out yelling. “Whatever is the matter, sir?” asked the waiter. “I tried using the cold tap and the water came out hot!” the Texan replied. “Mais non monsieur, en francais the “hot” tap is labelled “C” for “chaud”. “But the other tap was labelled “C” as well!”. “Oui, that is in English – “C” for cold. Monsieur, remember, we are a bilingual city!”

  3. Whereas here in Perth, you know you’ve got the cold tap when it starts out uncomfortably hot. At least in January.

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