12 comments on “When the ginger stepkid has to cheer you up you know you\’re an outcast

  1. My favourite joke about Harry Potter:

    “Completely unbelievable. I mean, a ginger with two friends?”

    (Sorry. No idea whose joke that was.)

  2. Is this a reference to Kinnock commenting on Thatcher showing more dignity than those who knifed her in the back when she departed as PM – or is it just some soft headed cat person thing?

  3. This notion of black cats being unlucky, sort of strange that….

    In English tradition, black cats are lucky, and especially if a black cat crosses your path, for then you get seven years of good luck.

  4. I agree with Monty, black cats are lucky. The notion that they are not is a German thing which they took to America and thus the Yanks are now infecting us with. At least that’s my theory, I clearly don’t have any evidence but I’m sure there is public money for further research.

  5. @ MellorSJ: The original joke was in Viz magazine – my favourite reading after this blog.

    But I can’t remember where I read that (after porn) the most widely posted images on the internet are pictures of kittens.

  6. Ian B: Australia’s current (reviled) Prime Minister is a red-headed Welshwoman, and a socialist to boot! Could there be a scandal lurking somewhere in there?

  7. Julia Gillard is a faux red-headed Welsh tart. As a red-head fetishist it would destroy my reason for living to discover that the repulsive harridan has a carpet that matches the pelmet.

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