Err, no, she ain’t

A woman has furnished her £1million home for free by renovating items thrown away by other families.


Renovating means spending time doing so. Your time is worth money: thus expenditure of your time in renovation is the price you pay for such furnishings.

It ain’t free.

Might be cheap, cool, a lovely idea, self-expression, whatever, but it ain’t free.

8 comments on “Err, no, she ain’t

  1. has only spent money on furnishing her home for repair materials, such as paints and sandpaper, and labour for larger items.

    Lol. Sigh. Etc.

  2. She seems to have extended the principal to her togs as well. Wonder where she got the legs? Sturdy aren’t they? Possibly an Edwardian dining table. Could have the original ball & claw feet?

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