So we have to stop being British then, do we?

Women should ask their male colleagues how much they earn if they want to get equal pay, Jo Swinson, the equalities minister, has said. The senior Liberal Democrat said a “very British” reluctance to talk about pay could hold women back from getting pay rises.

Couldn’t we just carry on being British and reticent on the subject of money and continue to put up with the vanishingly small gender pay gap?

There is indeed quite a large motherhood pay gap but the actual gender one is so small as to not actually be visible. So can’t we just carry on being who we are?

4 comments on “So we have to stop being British then, do we?

  1. I’ll be perfectly happy to tell my colleagues, female or otherwise, to mind their own fucking business. Jo Swinson is my MP, BTW. Ghastly woman.

  2. I could also ask them why they don’t seem to have to labour under the same dress code male employees do.

  3. If you include the value of their inflation-linked public sector pensions …
    Women are really paid more per hour?

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