7 comments on “Hugh Bonneville rides again

  1. I’m afraid this story leaves me very confused with more questions than answers.

    If we’re talking horses, does he prefer riding stallions or mares? If it’s cars, does he prefer riding in the back seat? What are his views on back-seat drivers?

    Have a word with Mandrake for us would you Tim.

  2. It was something to do with him allegedly putting the Wood up someone else we don’t care about either.

  3. JamesV

    I haven’t heard anything about anything like that. I was merely enquiring after one of my favourite TV stars. I just can’t get enough information about him and I find myself quite frustrated by the lack thereof in the press. Y’know, his life, his loves, that sort of thing.

    For example, this fantastic ride to Leicester: was it a special favour from a friend or did he have to pay for it? Oh the questions just keep coming; I’m such a fan!

  4. Who, not to put too fine a point on it, the fuck is Hugh Bonneville? I could Google him, but his very name fills me with an enormous ennui. It sounds like a character in a Jeffrey Archer novel.

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