6 comments on “So 1,600 more deaths than Fukushima then

  1. “On Wednesday, MPs will vote on a Lords amendment to the energy bill, led by a coalition of Liberal Democrat and Labour peers, which would close a legal loophole and bring old coal-fired power plants under new regulations – in effect, closing them earlier than planned.”

    Good job we have all these wind turbines to replace them.

  2. 1,600 more in Britain. If we are 2% of the world that would be 80,000 more worldwide. Docbud is right about the 20 times more excess winter deaths though the BBC claim only half of them are the fault of politicians.

    And these same econazis regularly claim their opposition to every sort of human progress is because of “safety concerns”.

    It is possible that there is somebody,somewhere, in the “environmental” movement who is not wholly and completely dishonest & less genocidal than the guards at Auschwitz, but there is no evidence of such.

  3. “Good job we have all these wind turbines to replace them.”

    Just driven past a local wind farm, not one moving at all, too still. But hey, who needs electricity in December?

  4. Yes, wind and solar are great. Nuclear has proven to be genocidal. Fukushima has killed millions; they just have not all died yet. Yes, i know; SCANDIUM. The author is invested in nuke crap, so his opinion is worthless.

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