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  1. It also shows why Imperialism was economically sensible. A country, which in Indonesia’s case did not even exist before the Dutch created it, which has not been able to go through its own Industrial Revolution is likely to be incompetent. On many many levels. One way to deal with that is have a more competent country come and run the place. There follows a transfer of technology and knowledge in a secure legal environment.

    Of course Empire is passe these days. Countries still have to invite the more competent in to run their economies for them though. Africa’s recent boom has nothing to do with Africans and everything to do with the Chinese doing everything for them down to cooking their own food. So they sign agreements tying the hands of the locals under threat of Western legal action.

    It is just colonialism without the tough bits. Rightly so.

  2. Indonesia’s Customs were so corrupt even Suharto was minded to privatise them. Trouble is, the guys who SGS hired to run the department turned out to be… you guessed it.

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