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  1. Hmmmm. You link to the Guardian where the link to the data is self-referential rather than to the LSE. Rather than chase up that source, I looked at a map and I suspect the headline statistic is nonsense.

  2. Well, looking at the author’s page at lse.ac.uk, it hasn’t been updated since Nov 2009.

    Given the space golf courses take up, it wouldn’t surprise me that they occupy a significant %age of somewhere like Surrey. But given that he has actually done the work (competently or otherwise), it would be nice to be able to look at his work to assess it.

  3. It’s that weasel word “now”, implying that this is a new state of affairs. Surrey was carpeted in golf courses a long time ago; no new ones are being built.

  4. How much space do football, rugby, cricket etc take up. Including car parks , new roads and ancillary services – mostly prime real estate areas these days.

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