7 comments on “short, fat and bald, the only actor who had to diet and wear lifts to play Mussolini

  1. Sorry to hear about Bob Hoskins, he seemed like a good bloke.

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit is still pants, but not because of his performance.

    The less said about Super Mario Brothers, the better.

    Brazil was hauntingly brilliant.

  2. On the move was one of my favorites – much better than going to lectures!

  3. Yup – he’s not in Brazil for long, but it’s memorable.

    Also: Mona Lisa, The Long Good Friday, The Cotton Club and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (the Cotton Club is one of the best financial flops ever made).

  4. ‘E’s been tamperin’ wiv it!”

    But yes, definitely, The Long Good Friday.

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