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  1. Forgive me if I’m missing something here, but Health seems to be advocating a system of private insurance to pay for medical and care services. A rather back-to-front insurance system, but an insurance sustem nonetheless.

    Being comprised of lefties as it undoubtedly is, does it realise this?

  2. It’s a big “if”, though, isn’t it. Are lardbuckets really cheaper? Sure, we save because they die earlier, but on theother hand, we pay incapacity benefit, we pay more for a 40 or 50 year old lardbucket, and there’s a big pile of tax we fail to collect because your lardbucket is incapable of productive work.

    So it’s not obvious to me that you have the numbers right.

  3. The cost of a boozer/smoker/lardass is expedited to earlier on in their career, the “long life” costs are not saved, they are spent earlier.

    The actual cost is the loss of their contribution to the economy. Your formula only saves money if the b/s/l drops dead on the day of their assumed retirement, unfortunately in the real world they are non-productive cost for many years before that, retirement day is normally at the upper end of their life expectancy.

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