4 comments on “Subs! Subs!

  1. I used to know a family who knew the Smiths quite well. They thought very well of Smith before he became a senior chap in The Party – clever, cheerful, wonderfully indiscreet about the awfulness of his party and his colleagues, and generally very good company. The more he had to button his lip, though, the duller he became.

  2. John McTernan?–he’s the bloke who directed the original (and best) Die Hard film.

    Yipee Kayay motherfuckers.

  3. Am I alone, even as a complete not-Labour at all person, in thinking that Smith’s death was the greatest political tragedy to befall the UK in the last 50 years?

    Or would he have been as terrible as that scurrilous rogue once in office?

  4. BiG,

    You aren’t alone, both me and the Great Wise One were saddened by his death and would have been tempted, but probably not followed through, to vote Labour had he survived.

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