Piss Lenin


Amusing but still not quite correct.

A statue of Vladimir Lenin has returned to a Polish town which was constructed by the communists in the hope of it becoming a proletarian bastion.

But instead of striking a dramatic pose designed to inspire revolution, the new Lenin statue in Nowa Huta comes bright green in colour, and depicts the revolutionary leader relieving himself, with a water feature providing the necessary effects.

For the portrayal has Lenin, as you can see, actively pissing. When of course a far better statement would be made by having him being passively pissed upon. You know, to show what we really think of him?

10 comments on “Piss Lenin

  1. Its a mildly amusing demonstration of well-deserved contempt.

    It would have served a better purpose if they had put up a statue of him shooting some poor sod through the back of the head. That would serve to remind people of the true nature of socialism and the bald bastard himself.

  2. The problem with Mr Ecks’ suggestion is that Lenin is unlikely to have had the intestinal fortitude to shoot anyone himself. A strict arm chair killer.

    Although a statue of him bathing in babies’ blood seems appropriate.

    Mainly because my first choice – of him, Hitler and Stalin taking turns forcibly sodomising a Belorussian peasant – seems unlikely to get council approval.

  3. for those with a passing interest in sleb nonsense, former F1 team boss Flavio Briatore owns among other businesses a restaurant in Sicily. After he fell out with Naomi Campbell he is rumoured to have installed a urinal in the staff toilets with La Campbell’s picture under the glaze, so that all of his waiters can endlessly piss on her face. Now *that* is bitterness.

  4. a junevile sort of thing. And will lead to copycat vulgar statues of assorted ‘leaders’. Mostly demonstating the feeble nature of current generation’s ‘politics’.

  5. Theophrastus – “Would the world be a better place if Lenin qua foetus had been aborted?”

    It is not as if the universities of Russia, like those of Britain, didn’t (and don’t) team with other would-be mass murderers. It is the future. Everyone can see the signs of the times and sign on.

    john malpas – “a junevile sort of thing. And will lead to copycat vulgar statues of assorted ‘leaders’. Mostly demonstating the feeble nature of current generation’s ‘politics’.”

    I disagree. It is feeble because it is humorous and as such it is not an appropriate response to mass murder. Any more than a statue of Hitler picking his nose would be. But we do not need any demonstration of the feeble nature of the current generation’s intellectual capacity. We have a statue of Nelson “I have never seen a mass murderer I did not like” Mandela outside Parliament to do that.

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